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Scared of Devising?


A moment brought in by a company member of Blood/Sailing

There are many actors, designers and directors who have been burnt by “Devised” work. To be fair, that word is very very broad. What does it mean? For Blood Ensemble it means creating a show from creators’ ideas in a room, not from a script a playwright has written first. That does sound scary. There is no net. You can’t know what the play is going to be before you audition. So, here’s a run down of how we do it!

Blood Ensemble’s method of devising is highly structured. We use Moment Work, a technique which was taught to us by the Tectonic Theatre Project. They used it to create The Laramie Project, Gross Indecencies, among others.

We use elements of the stage. What are elements? Set, Costume, Lights, Text, Sound, Music, Tempo, Architecture, Suspense, Isolation, Repetition, Synchronicity, Breath, Fire, Water, Fabric, Texture, Temperature, Smell, Proximity, Gesture…Well, it goes on. An element is really anything that you can use to tell a story onstage. And by breaking it down into elements, we start with giving everything the same importance, including text.

That’s a small explanation of what we do. There are also structured ways of presenting moments, responding to moments, and creating a show out of moments. We believe that within structure is the freedom to really create. When you are told you can only use “proximity” to tell a story, you can focus on that element to make it work. And you unlock images you never thought you could come up with. I am constantly surprised at what I can think of when thinking strictly about one element.


A shadow telling a story

Alright, class, that’s your lesson for the day. If any of this interests you, we are looking for 4-7 good creators (including designers) to help us out with NDGM. You can find auditions here.


Thanks for listening,

Emily Harvey, CoArtistic Director

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NDGM Auditions

Blood Ensemble is having auditions for NDGM, a one act response to “Endgame” that will be presented after Endgame. It’s co-produced with Ghost Light Theatricals.

We’re looking for 4-7 actors, any age or gender.

The company will use Moment Work to create a complete new and non-copyright infringing response to “Endgame.” We’ll use personal experience, the life and legacy of Samuel Beckett to craft something that we may be so bold as to call “21st century absurdism.”

Sign up today!


Zack Hewell

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Zachary Hewell

Personal Manifesto: Ingenuity Always.

Zachary Hewell fell in with Blood Ensemble after getting a role in Blood/Sailing, having answered their audition call because it sounded like a bunch of weirdos doing something that could be really awesome; and so it was. Two years of intermittent contact later he was invited to join the company officially, and is really happy with how that’s been going.

Zachary is a graduate of the Original Works program at Cornish College of the Arts and a true (aspiring) multi-disciplinarian, counting himself with varying degrees of aptitude and success as an actor, playwright, director, dancer, performance/installation/visual artist, raving idiot, and whatever else seems exciting at the moment. He is especially intrigued by movement based performance, duration/exertion, nature, logic, confusion, marrying art with science and mathematics, making things by hand, and perpetrating sneaky tricks. He really really likes the work of Alexander Calder.

Zachary grew up in Olympia, WA, moved to Seattle for college, and doesn’t have any real plans to leave the area any time soon, preferring to push an agenda of growing and evolving the culture here rather than moving away to somewhere that has “more to offer”. He is especially keen on encouraging and fostering new work from new generations of playwrights and arts creators, which can be ugly and exhausting and ultimately the most worthwhile exercise imaginable. When he isn’t working on arts things, Zachary can usually be found off somewhere climbing mountains or riding bicycles, both of which take up almost as much time as theatre.

Credits with Blood Ensemble include Barn Show (co-director, co-writer, actor), Baba Yaga(actor), 30 Hours – Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap (actor), Blood/Sailing (actor).

Other credits include A Compelling Unknown Force (Pony World/On The Boards), Woyzeck,Dracula and Macbeth (Key City Public Theater), The Skriker (Ghost Light Theatricals), The Misanthrope (Eclectic Theater Co.).sunnymtn woyzeck photo

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Endgame and NDGM



Blood Ensemble is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with Ghost Light Theatricals for the Seattle Beckett Festival!

Opening on October 31st, NDGM will be a deconstruction of and response to Beckett’s one act, Endgame. We will endeavor to pull apart and examine the life and legacy of this master work. Without infringing on copyright!

NDGM will be presented at Ghost Light Theatricals as a second act to Ghost Light’s production of Endgame.

Auditions will be announced shortly!


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All Your “Barn Show” Questions Answered!

Barn Show opens in a mere 11 days! Can you believe it? We are so gall-darned stoked that our audiences are going to be joining us in just a few weeks, and we’re doing all we can to make sure your visit to the barn is as magical and fun as it can possibly be. To that end, check out the FAQ posted below to find answers to questions about tickets, what to wear, what you’ll be doing, the bus, and more. A copy of this will be sent to all ticket purchasers. If you don’t see your question answered here, post a comment here or hit us up on Facebook. Thanks! Continue reading


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Adria LaMorticella

Personal Manifesto: Strive to create theatre inspiring enough to compel others to create art themselves.


After graduating from Western Washington University in 2008, Adria came to Seattle to intern as a teaching artist at the Seattle Children’s Theatre and has lived and performed here ever since. She has been a company member of Blood Ensemble since 2013 but has been a long time collaborator and friend of the co-founders.

Seattle acting credits includeEd, Downloaded (Washington Ensemble Theatre), Owen Meany’s Christmas Pageant (Book-It Rep), Cat in the Hat (Seattle Children’s Theatre), Blood/ Sailing (Blood Ensemble), King Arthur and the Knights of the Playground (Balagan Theatre),Suffering Inc. (Pony World Theatre), Paper Bullets(Ghostlight Theatre), The Misanthrope(Eclectic Theatre Co.), and Comedy of Errors (GreenStage).


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